Lemon poppy seed with lemon boiled frosting

I made this cake a while ago but misplaced the pictures. The recipe is a classic that's always a hit and you never get sick of eating it (I certainly don't :D). I must admit I love poppy seed. They are very addictive, especially in cakes :P

Pretty much everyone has made or eaten this cake with or without slight variations. The icing that goes with it enhances its flavor even more. There are various icings that are used with this cake, Lemon drizzle, butter cream ...... many more, and they all go equally well.

I however chose a very different frosting to compliment this gorgeous citrus cake, lemon boiled frosting. This particular frosting is a little bit tricky to make but the result is certainly awarding. They taste absolutely divine together.

Also, for this cake I got a bit carried away and added a dash of vibrant colors and made a rainbow lemon poppy seed cake :) I love pretty colors.

Lemon poppy seed cake ( Womens weekly)

butter - 200 g
self-raising flour - 2 c
eggs - 3
sugar - 1 c
milk - 180 ml
poppy seed - 45 g

- preheat to 180 c, line and grease baking pan
- combine milk and poppy seed and leave for 10 min
- beat the eggs, butter, sugar until pale and mix in the flour and mix in the poppy seeds
- bake for 45 min or until done

pretty flowers :)

Lemon boiled frosting

egg whites - 2
sugar - 1 c
water - 1/3 c
lemon juice 1/2 tbs
corn syrup - 1 tbs
salt - a pinch

- put the sugar, water, corn syrup and salt in a saucepan and sitr until dissolved
- boil without stirring until reaches 120 c
- in a bowl beat the egg whites until stiff, slowly add the syrup whilst beating
- add the lemon juice and continue beating for 10-15 min until very stiff and holds its shape



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