Fig and almond tart with chocolate ice cream

This was my first time trying out fresh figs. I have had figs before but they were dried figs and they are much more sweeter than the fresh ones. In fact the fresh ones are hardly sweet (at least the ones I tried).

I pre-planned everything for these gorgeous fresh figs. I wanted to make a beautiful fig and almond tart with chocolate ice cream that I had made the day before. So I went to the supermarket and bought all the things I needed.
I came home happy that I will be home all day by myself baking-but of-course to my disappointment I was told that we are expecting guests (had to happen didn't it).

But I had already made my mind that I'm having almond and fig tart with chocolate ice cream. And so I did but with few changes.

I used ready-made puff pastry. :D Yes, the good old ready-made puff pastry from the handy frozen aisle. They are there to be used right? So why not.

This is a quick recipe that I managed to pull off and indulge in the small time frame that I had. Honestly, I don't think I wanted anything better :)

Almond and fig tart

almond paste - 110g
cream cheese - 1/3 c
vanilla - 1 tsp
honey - 2 tbs
fresh figs - 4-5
Puff pastry sheets

- preheat to 180c
- mix everything well except the figs
- spread the filling on the pastry
- slice the figs how ever you like it and lay it on top of the filling and fold the sides of the pastry
- bake until golden

Chocolate ice cream

dark chocolate - 110g
milk - 1 c
cream - 1 c
sugar - 1 c
coffee flavor - 1 tsp (or other variations)

- Heat the milk and remove from the heat, add the chocolate and stir until smooth-cool
- whisk the eggs until fluffy and in the sugar and mix well
- add the cream, coffee and the chocolate mixture and blend well
- chill and freeze according to the ice cream maker and set


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