Classic sponge cake with mango mousse and mango jelly filling and boiled frosting

The king of fruits (Mango) is one of the if not THE most popular fruit. It has got a rich unique flavor, color, fragrance and a delightful taste, and not to forget all the bonus nutritional benefits. :)

Alright enough about the info, lets get down to business.

So I made this gorgeous cake this morning because:
- I was at home and had nothing to do
- Had a big box of ripe mangoes (my mum bought the whole box because it was cheap:P)
- And I found this fabulous recipe from HOMESTYLE cakes

And heres the cake :)

Classic Sponge

plain flour - 75g
self-raising flour - 150g
eggs - 6
caster sugar - 220g
boiling water - 2tbs

- preheat oven to 180c and grease and line tins
- beat the eggs and sugar with electric mixer for 7 min till thick and pale
- fold in the sifted flour and water
- bake for 30min until done

Mango mousse filling

cream - 1 1/2 c
mango puree - 1c
Sugar 1/4c(or adjust to taste)
gelatin powder - 1tbs
hot water - 3tbs

- Dissolve the gelatin powder in hot water and add to the mango puree and mix well, make sure no chunks of gelatin are present.
- Whip the cream and fold in to the mango puree until smooth.

Mango jelly

jelly powder - 50g (preferably mango flavor)
gelatin - 2tsp
boiling water - 1/4c
water - 1/4c

- Combine the jelly powder and the gelatin. Add the boiling water and mix till everything is dissolved.
- add the water to the mixture and let cool but make sure it doesn't set.

*Assembly (easier to put together in a tin with a collar)

For the boiled frosting, I used the same recipe from the Ginger walnut cake and just added a drop of yellow color.


Tina said...
February 7, 2012 at 2:48 AM

I am always thinking about using unusual fruits in cakes and this mango one does appeal to me-yum!I really like that there is two textures of filling in this cake. Well done-I am surely saving this one so I can try at home. Awesome post-thanks.

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