Instant Jalebi (sweet)



This is a very yummy and easy version of Jalebis out there.

The thing with Jalebis is that the batter takes a lot of time preparing, and i,m really not the patient type. So i found a recipe that is quick and has the same delicious outcome.

These Jalebis are best eaten hot, and they also go well cold with black tea.

Jalebi is a Pakistani/Indian sweet. They are very popular and are sold everywhere (mostly on the side of the roads).
Jalebi making in Pakistan. photo by from

I got this recipe from my cousin from Sydney. Thanks to her now i am able to make this sweet instantly whenever i feel like it. I have tried various recipes but with disappointing outcomes.

Here is the recipe -

Ingredients -

Plain Flour - 1c
Oil - 2tbs
Yogurt - 2tbs
Cornflour - 2tbs
orange food color - optional
water - enough to make a ribbon like batter

For the Syrup -

Sugar - 1c
Water - 1/2c
Cardamom pods cracked - 6-7
Rose water - 2tsp

Method -

- Make the batter by adding everything together and add enough water to make the right consistency batter
- For the syrup, add all the ingredient in a pan and bring to boil so that the sugar is dissolved and turn off the heat..
- In a pan heat up enough oil. Pour the batter in a tomato sauce bottle and squeeze making circles. Fry on each side till crisp, make sure not to burn it and transfer it to the sugar syrup.

* you can play around with the flavors. cardamom can be swapped with cinnamon or any other flavors that you like.


Tina said...
February 5, 2012 at 3:30 AM

This does look tasty! This kind of reminds me of the funnel cakes we have here in the US. However, I like the syrup blend you use here, we just use powdered sugar on top. Glad to stop in and find something unusual as well as delicious!

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