Almond and honey nougat

This was my third time making nougat. The first one was inedible, hard as rock. The second didn't set, so it was basically a sweet stiff egg white. This attempt was a third time lucky.

Nougat is a bit tricky to make... the process of whipping the egg whites and boiling sugar, the glucose (a bonus in this recipe! No glucose syrup needed) the honey seems (practically is) a lot of work. The boiling of sugar to the right temperature requires a lot of skills. And so achieving the best result comes not only from a good recipe but also from a lot of practice I think.

A good nougat should be flavorful and fluffy without being too chewy. I have looked through many recipes but non of them have quite met my criteria of a flavorful and not too chewy nougat except for this one.

It has the right amount of honey and nuts and is full of flavor. Finally a keeper!!

its a good idea to wipe your utensils with vinegar to whip up a stiff egg white

Almond and honey nougat (Women's weekly)

honey - 180g
caster sugar - 290g
water - 1tbs
egg white - 1
blanched almonds - 2 c

- Grease a deep square cake tin and line with rice paper.
- combine honey, sugar, water and stir without boiling until sugar dissolves.
- bring to boil for 10min without stirring until reaches 160c and remove from heat
- beat egg white to soft peaks
- pour the syrup in thin stream to the egg white while beating
- continue beating til the mixture is very stiff and the mixer sounds like its about to die :)
- stir in the nuts (work quickly) and press firmly into the pan.
- cool and cut into squares.

Not a big fan of nougat? you will like this one because it doesn't taste all sugar, its the real deal. :)


Tina said...
February 16, 2012 at 10:43 AM

I have never made nougat before and have always been curious about how to make it. This does look delicious and I am saving the recipe. Now I just need to get a candy thermometer. For the life of me I have no clue where mine is!

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