Cherry muffins with passion fruit glace icing

The famous box of cherries :P

Yes, I Still have plenty of cherries left from that big box.
And no, I am not whinging about it at all.
In fact, I am excited and thankful for that big box of cherries because that means I can try out many different recipes out there and have fun.

And so continuing my hunt for recipes that use cherries I came across various gorgeous recipes including this soft and fluffy Cherry Muffins. These muffins are totally a breeze to make, only a matter of a quick stir with simple easily accessible ingredients.

These muffins are a hit by themselves but you can make them extra special by topping them with passion fruit glace icing, which will make them deliciously glossy.

I know youll find these muffins completely irresistible (coming from experience :D)

Just out of the oven :)

Just as good by itself

Cherry Muffins (readers digest)

cherries pitted - 400g
butter - 125
eggs - 3
brown sugar - 140g
vanilla - 1tsp
sour cream - 150g
self-raising flour - 350g

- preheat oven to 180c and line muffin pans
- whip up the butter, sugar, vanilla, sour cream and eggs just to combine
- sift in the flour and fold in the cherries
- bake for 20min or until done

The glace icing looked a lot vibrant in real

Passion fruit glace icing

- passion fruit pulp - 4tbs
- icing sugar - 360g

- mix the icing sugar and passion fruit pulp in a bowl
- stir the mixture over a bowl of simmering water until its smooth and glossy.
- simply dip you muffins in the icing and your done (told you its a too good too quick recipe)

And the fluffiness :D


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