Chunky chocolate and peanut butter cookies

Firstly, I am so busy these days with uni I don't even have time to scratch my head (not literally of course).

Anyway worries aside, I made these gorgeous chunky chocolate and peanut butter cookies. I had to bake something to get my mind off studies a little bit and relax, and what better way to relax than baking and eating chocolate AND peanut butter cookies. NUM NUM

These are heaven for chocolate and peanut butter lovers.

Chunky chocolate and peanut butter cookies (Goodfood Magazine)

dark chocolate broken into chunks - 300 g
milk chocolate broken into chunks - 100 g
brown sugar - 100 g
butter - 85 g
peanut butter - 100 g
egg - 1
vanilla extract - 1/2 tsp
self - raising flour - 100 g
roasted peanuts - 100 g

- preheat oven to 180 c
- melt100g of the dark chocolate, add in the sugar, butter, peanut butter, egg and vanilla and mix.
- add the flour, milk chocolate, peanuts, dark chocolate and mix.
- drop big spoonfuls and leave space in between.
- bake 10 - 15 min until done.


Kim @ Treats and Trinkets said...
March 8, 2012 at 10:33 AM

Ooph. I remember those days. Of course, I had no kitchen while I was in college, so I couldn't even bake cookies. I'd walk past the refrigerated cookie dough with a sigh.... And then go back, by some, and eat it raw.

These look delicious. Chocolate and peanut butter are two of my favorite things in the world. And I love chunks in my cookies.

frosting hallucinations said...
March 9, 2012 at 3:42 PM

awww.. I know how you felt.. tough days *sigh*

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