Ginger Walnut Cake with Boiled frosting and caramelised peanuts

ITs been total hectic for the past few days. I have been running around like a headless chook.

Honestly, im not the party animal type of person, nor am i too social. Im the kiina person that likes every thing to be organized and pre-planned, and so the "Ill be here in 5 min" visits i dont appreciate.

Bottom line - my uncle is here from sydney and we are having guests visiting every day and so i dont even have time to scratch my head let alone update my blog (deeply sorry).

And now that the guests have eased off a bit, I'm back to doing my usual favorite (BAKING.. YAII)

There was another reason for baking a sweet yummy cake and not something not sweet because you do tend to crave sweetness after having endure days of 4-5 items of savory dishes.

Now that i have made myself clear, lets get baking :)

Walnut ginger cake (i like ginger, especially in cakes..mmm) - this cake has a very mild ginger flavor, for those of you who prefer a stronger flavor can always add more ginger. Iv had this recipe in my recipe book for quite a while now, so i dont remember where i got it from and who to give credit to. Although i did make some tiny winy changes.

Here what you are gona need for the cake -

200g/8oz self raising flour
4 - tsp ground ginger (can always add more)
1 - tsp baking powder
1/2 - tsp of salt
200g/8oz - butter
350g/ 120z - golden syrup
100g/4oz - brown sugar
4 - eggs beaten
100g/4oz - walnuts, chopped

- Preheat the oven to 180c
- Grease and line an 8inch cake tin
- Sift together the flour, ginger powder, baking powder and salt. Rub in the butter until resembles crumbs.
- Beat in the sugar, syrup, eggs and walnuts. Pour into the tin and bake until firm.

For the boiled frosting, i got the recipe from here and added a tsp of ginger powder for extra ginger flavor (you can always skip this).

- i beat mine for 7 min after adding the syrup

Caramelized peanuts -

- Cook 85g/3oz of sugar with 4 tbs of water until it forms a caramel. stir in the peanuts and cool on a baking sheet.

Assembling -

- Cut the cake in half and spread a little of the frosting on the bottom layer and top it with some crushed walnuts or peanuts.
- Cover the whole cake with the frosting, make sure to work fast as this frosting drys fairly quick.
- Top it off with the caramelized peanuts, or alternatively you can pipe some decorations like Iv done (I used butter cream and added a tsp of cocoa and tsp of ginger)

The best bit? Indulging of course ;)

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Tina said...
February 1, 2012 at 1:40 AM

Walnuts and ginger, yes you can count me in on this one! That last picture is practically calling my name. Very tempting. Glad to come across a unique cake recipe such as this. Thanks for sharing.

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