hello foodies,,

Since im fairly new to this whole blog thing.. i dont really know how to work things out yet and weird things have been happening to my blog.... its challenging my nerves -_-

Anyway, i dont really have recipes or interesting posts about my cakes as yet but surely planning to have plenty in the future.
As for now i want to share some of the cakes that i made in the past and took a few pictures of it, and by few i really mean few, few as in 1 picture of each cake (ridiculous i know). but then again i didnt know then that i was gona make a blog and share them with foodies all over the world:O:O it still hasnt sunk in.

But ill assure you that im gona be taking heapz of pictures of my creations from now on:D
As for now i just have my old pictures to share with yall:)

i wanted to share a few more pictures but the problem is that my stupid SD card wont cooperate -_- ( is it a sign that i shouldnt blog :O) <-- ignore that, i am not superstitious i swear, infact im the total opposite of it :)
The reason could be that my poor computer has been tolerating my abuse for over 6 years now and its decided that its enough. And so it is not listening to my command at all and so my pictures are stuck :(
I know that its time i feel sorry my computer and give it its freedom, but im afraid i cant do that. i wish i could but i cant. the thing is that i love my computer so much (not, its slow and crap), ok may be because getting a new one means spending money (which i dont have).

conclusion - i cant afford a new computer
- im stuck with this crap
- i should stop winging and try again ( i will tomorrow, need to sleep now :))

Sorry, this is all i can offer for now. i can hardly keep my eyes open... and i apologize for all the blabber ^ this is not me..its the lack of sleep :D:D


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