Super Easy Truffles

Hi all,

    I am back after AGEZ.. Just finished with my uni, well, by finished I mean finished another semester. Currently on a break, so back to blogging. YAII

Today I am gona share a very simple and easy yet irresistibly delicious chocolate balls. 
Very flexible recipe, so you can basically do all sorts of different toppings. Let you imaginations run wild :):)

Here we go.

Chocolate truffles

Ingredients - 

- 3/4 c of cream
- 340 g dark or semi sweet chocolate peaces
- toppings (nuts, cocoa, coconut etc etc)

Method - 

- Heat the cream until nice and hot.
- remove from heat and add the chocolates to it. stir well.
 - chill for an hour or so
 - make small balls and roll it into all sorts of different toppings



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